Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Christmas & RSV

It has been a few weeks since I have last blogged, sorry!  I'll try to do better, hopefully getting back into the swing of things will help!  Today is my last first day of college.  At least for a while, I hope!

We had a great Christmas!  We are truly blessed to have family and friends that love us.  Aaden has lots of new toys, some new clothes, 2 new chairs-- one that Santa got him that is Mississippi State and his Aunt Diane gave him a recliner.  He won't sit in it for very long periods, but I know as he grows older he'll start to love it!  He deserves every one of those things, and more.  He is such a sweet, silly little boy.  Every night when I see him asleep, I just wonder why in the world God chose us to be his parents.  Christmas takes on a new meaning when seen through a child's eyes.

Not only did Aaden deserve those toys because he's such a great boy, but because he had been sick.  Bless him... I felt so sorry for him!  After not getting better a few days after being put on meds for a "cold", we took him back to the doctor and he was wheezing!  He was positive for RSV bronchiolitis, so we had to begin home nebulizer treatments.  Aaden didn't care for those, and neither did we!  He didn't like doing them, and the albuterol made him a little "wilder" than normal!  He was off of them for about a week and a half and came down with something else.... congestion...fever... so we had to start them again!  I am hoping and praying that the warmer temperatures this week will help.  Dr. Ski says that if he gets sick at anytime during the next 5 months or so, we will probably have to just keep doing the treatments.  As much as I hate them, anything to get him better is 100% worth it!!

I'll try to blog again soon!