Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sand & Sun

We just got back yesterday from a little vacation to Pensacola Beach, FL.  We had so much fun!  Aaden and I were both sad that we had to come home.

We left Friday morning headed down south.  I am so thankful that Savannah and Aaden are both great car riders.  Savannah was a little fussy, though.  I can't hardly blame her since she had been in her car seat for at least 7 hours!

Our first stop was in Ocean Springs.  Tyler played a few songs at a place called Coffee Fusion.  While he was playing, we took Aaden down the road to Monkey Joe's.  I wish that we had a place like that here in Columbus.  Lots of jumpers and games.  He was in heaven and was able to burn off lots of energy from being stuck in a van for so long.  No pictures from there... I was too busy chasing him around!

After Tyler finished, we headed on into Pensacola.  We are so fortunate that we were able to stay at the hotel on the Naval Station.  We were able to stay all four nights for around the cost of one night in a good condo.  We got there around 1 am.  We were so tired from driving all day (plus I had worked the night before!).  And the air conditioning in our room wasn't working.  They offered to move us, but by that time we were exhausted so we just dealt with it.

The next morning we got up and headed straight to the beach. Aaden has been talking about going to the beach for a few weeks. He's been so excited!

He spent lots of time running back and forth from the sand...then into the water.  We also bought him a shovel, bucket, and net.  He would dig up lots of sand, then throw it into the water.  One time he accidentally hit a lady with his sand...oops!

Savannah loved the beach, too! I sat with her at the very edge and let the water wash over her little legs when the waves came in. She apparently loves the taste of sand (yuck) and tried eating it by the handfuls.  She also decided it was time for a nap on the 2nd day we were at the beach.  I don't blame her...having so much fun can wear a girl out!

Savannah has always been a very laid back baby, but there must have been something about the beach that totally relaxed her.  I'd hold her and walk about waist deep into the water, and she'd just lay her head on my shoulder and cuddle up to me.  So sweet..
One night we went to Sam's Fun City (another place I wish Columbus had--we'd probably go broke though!).  Aaden has been dying to drive a go-kart.  He loved it!  He's 100% boy, for sure!

Here he is riding another ride.  The little cars would go up and down.  I think he enjoyed it, but definitely not as much as the go-karts.

Another ride...if you are semi- amazed that a 3 year old would ride this, don't be.  Our boy is a daredevil! 

Our nights consisted of eating yummy seafood and riding down the strip of Pensacola Beach. It..was...perfect. 
On our way home, we stopped at Lambert's! One of our favorites!

Thank you LORD for allowing us time together as a family.

I think vacations serve two purposes... 1. to get away from our daily life "stressors" and 2. to make fun memories.  Aaden may or may not remember going to the beach, but our babies will only be little for so long.  Tyler and I are also so thankful that our jobs permit us to take little trips like these and make such sweet memories with our kids.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bad, bad blogger

I know I've been a horrible blogger, but don't worry... I've been keeping up with my "blog stalking"!  When it's been 6 months since you've blogged, there's alot to catch up on!

Let's start with this pretty girl.  She'll be 11 months old in ONE week.  Lord, help my heart.  We are starting to brainstorm things for her 1st birthday.  Let's get real..I've been thinking about her first birthday since she was just a few months old!  She's growing so fast.  She can say Da Da, Ma Ma, Bye Bye, and sometimes I really think she tries to say Aaden.  She only hears it a million times a day!  She's been our little "sickly" one.  Most recently getting over strep and an ear infection.

She is the sweetest, most laid back baby ever.  I'm not sure what we did before she was born.  We love her so much!

Aaden is getting big, too.  He just recently started t-ball.  He's a pro at hitting (left handed!), but could really care less about playing in the outfield.  Playing with dirt is much, much more fun!  We opted not to start him in Pre-K this year.  He has that funky August birthday.  He would either be the oldest or the youngest in his class.  Since boys tend to mature a little slower than girls, we thought it'd be best for him to wait a year.  He loves it at Kid's Point, and frankly we love him there too!  We'll be sad when he has to leave there next year...

Melt my heart....

At the Easter egg hunt this year.  No big deal... He's got it ALL figured out now!

The Easter Bunny came to see Savannah and Aaden this year.  He brought Savannah some puffs and sandals.  Aaden got a paddle and ball, bubbles, a magnifying glass, and candy.  Love making these sweet memories.
Now you're (mostly) caught up!
I promise I'll try to do better with the blogging!