Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Our Gingaw

A few weeks ago when we made a trip to Tupelo, we stopped by my grandmother's house.  We affectionately call her "Gingaw" thanks to my inability to say "grandma" when I was a little girl.  Since then, she's always been my Gingaw.  She's also "Gingaw" to my friends from school, and Tyler and his family.  Aaden and Savannah know her by no other name.  I love hearing Aaden's sweet little voice ask about his Gingaw. 

A few months ago, I called her one night to check on her and she mentioned that she had not been feeling very well.  She had been throwing up and was very, very weak.  I knew something was wrong.  She has never been one to complain about anything.  I urged her to let my dad or aunt come get her to take her to the ER.  I figured she would get a bag of IV fluids and be sent home.  She refused and assured me that if she still felt bad in the morning, she would go.

The next morning, I get a call from my dad saying that she was being admitted to ICU with sepsis.  Her white count (WBC- cells that signal infection) was critically high.  They placed a central line and did an MRI.  The MRI showed that she had some kidney stones and was so severely infected that it sent her into renal failure.  Her blood pressure was also severely low.  We almost lost her.

After round the clock antibiotics and a week and a half in the hospital, she was finally allowed to come home.  We are so thankful that God healed her and continues to be with her while she gets some strength back.

We were so glad to be able to come visit her on this particular day.
Aaden loves visiting her because she has so much fun stuff to get into.  She has kept all of my toys from throughout the years, and he loves dragging them out.

This picture makes me smile.  I've spent many days standing at this door looking outside.

 Savannah and Gingaw having a little conversation :)

Aaden looks thrilled to be taking a picture!

Sweet sleeping babies had so much fun.  They were so tired!

So thankful to get to spend time with her.  We love you so much, Gingaw!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pool Fun

In 2007, Tyler and I bought a pool similar to the picture below.  The instructions said that the pool must be placed on flat, even ground (obviously) and was a cinch to put together.  Our backyard at the time looked pretty flat.  Apparently it wasn't. 

Gallon after gallon, the pool filled up but one of the sides was tipped over causing water to drain out when the other side wasn't full enough.  We also had problems getting all of the wrinkles out of the bottom of the pool.  We eventually decided it wasn't worth our $350 so we took it back.  We (as in Tyler) loaded it up in the back of Tyler's dad's truck and they took it back to Wal-Mart still dripping with water.  I am SURE those customer service ladies probably didn't have many nice words to say about it, but it's something I still laugh about whenever it comes to mind.
Needless to say, when we decided to buy Savannah and Aaden and little pool for this summer, we bought a smaller, cheaper pool.  We filled it up in no time and they were happy as clams!  It was Savannah's nap time, so she didn't last too long, but loved it while she was in there!

The only time you will see her wear this bikini.  I bought it last winter at Old Navy for $0.97.  It's a size 6-12 months and is just about too small, but I couldn't pass that price up!  Plus, I'm sure I can consign it for a good bit more.

Aaden is a little fish.  He absolutely loves the water.  We are signing him up next year for swim lessons.  I know he'll do great because he's fearless!  He scares me to death in a regular pool because he'll get out and without warning try to jump in.  I already have nightmares of his teenage years.

Even Tyler got in on the fun! Ha! Love making these sweet memories!

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