Friday, September 21, 2012

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blogging Rut

I have been meaning to sit down and write a blog post, but you know life just gets crazy busy with two full time working parents and two busy kiddos.  I promise I'll have a blog soon (for my 2 readers...Ha!).

Right now we are deep in helping Aaden be successful at school.  Which includes helping him write his name, learn his shapes, and learn how to clean up.  Boy, he can be stubborn!  He also has his first soccer practice tonight.  My camera battery is on the charger as we speak so that I can use my "good" camera tonight to document his stellar soccer moves!  The boy is 100% totally atheletic.  Would NOT be surprised for him to play a sport on into high school.

Savannah is finishing up a round of antibiotics for strep.  Poor baby girl.  I hate seeing her so sick.  She is feeling much better, though.  She had her 15 month well baby check up Tuesday and weighed 23 lbs 12 oz.  I honestly can't remember what they said her length was...oops!  She is walking all over the place and is getting so big!  She is as sweet as pie and loves her brother. 

So this will have to do for now.  I'll be back soon with pics of our boy in action!  Happy Thursday!