Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Big news!

We let Aaden and Savannah play around in the yard the other day in an attempt to get a few pictures to put on our Christmas cards. They had a ball. Tyler raked up a huge pile of leaves and they just played and played together. I love their sweet little ages. Here are a few that didn't make "the cut", but couldn't resist sharing..

Sweet girl
Savannah's face makes me laugh..
Is that not the cheesiest (is that a word?) grin you have ever seen? Love it..
Aaden took this picture of me.  I did absolutely no editing to it.  I've found my future photographer!
I also have some big news to share..........
As of this Saturday, I'm no longer a full time RN at the hospital that I currently work for.  I know that sounds a little shady, but trying not to give out too much information over the internet.  I accepted a position that will allow me more time with my family.  We are so excited and and thankful that God would open this door for us. I will still be PRN at the hospital.  The Lord knows I couldn't fully part with my "family" there.  I'm so thankful that I'm getting the best of both worlds.
So now that I've cleared the air, we are HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY.  Okay,  we've been watching too much Duck Dynasty.
And one last picture before church Sunday...
 Thank you Lord for these sweet blessings!

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